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Sim Handbrake Integrated Controller  Heusinkveld Engineering

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The Heusinkveld Sim Handbrake is a pressure sensitive handbrake using load cell technology. It features a firm, progressive feel and is ideal for rally and drifting simulation software. The handbrake features an adjustable lever, allowing the lever to be tilted 120 degrees in infinite adjustable steps in order to offer maximum flexibility.  The estimated maximum force which can be put at the lever is 17kg (37lbs).

Product Description

When driving rally of drifting simulations, accurate control over your handbrake is a must for full vehicle control. Heusinkveld Engineering presents a high-quality handbrake using load cell technology, resulting in a brake which offers a firm, progressive feel with full analogue output.

The Sim Handbrake features a strong, stiff, compact and durable design made out of stainless steel. The handbrake system has an an adjustable lever, allowing the lever to be tilted 120 degrees in infinite adjustable steps in order to offer maximum flexibility. The lever features a soft grip at the end.

The handbrake can detect forces of up to 17kgs (measured at the soft grip at the lever) and features an overload protection. The load cell is (indirectly) activated by a rubber, which gives the handbrake a firm and progressive feel.

Suitable Simulations
This handbrake will be an excellent piece of kit for all simulation software which allow the use of an analogue handbrake. Please be aware that not all simulation software do in fact support a fully analogue handbrake. Please refer to the documentation of the simulator software to see if an analogue handbrake is supported.

Simulators known to support an analogue handbrake are:

  • Richard Burns Rally
  • Live for Speed

Controller options
Please note that this product does not yet feature an integrated USB-controller or load cell amplifier. Please see our support page on how to connect the handbrake to your pc. This will in most cases require additional hardware.

In 2015 we will be offering this handbrake with an integrated USB-controller (‘plug-and-play’). This controller will offer both an analogue mode (in which it acts as an analogue axis) as well as a digital mode (in which it acts as a button). In ‘digital mode’, the exact point at which the button is activated can be calibrated freely.

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