JCL SimRacing

About US

How did this adventure?

First, I met the fabulous racing software simulations Iracing.com! I started to ride a flying hanging on my office with 1 screen. A few months later, I ordered a cockpit with a triple monitor support. I was very disappointed with the quality of the product and the lack of realism of the driving position.

I crafted me a wooden base to adapt to the tub and triple monitor support. Then I made a plan and ordered aluminum profiles to make me my own cockpit!

A COCKPIT made for enthusiasts by enthusiasts

I told myself on the market, it lacked a quality cockpit, very rigid, adjustable millimeter that takes total immersion.

After 2 years of research work, I finally found aluminum profiles, fasteners, brackets, machined parts specific to To Be Faster, high quality!

The first simulator tests To Be Faster

With my friend Ludovic Lacaud, we decided to partner to create the JCL  SimRacing and sell To Be Faster Grise or black!

Assembly 100% FRENCH

The To Be Faster is a car racing simulation cockpit of French design with chassis and options have high-quality aluminum.

Shipped in pieces in a neat package, it can also be delivered already assembled and ready computer peripherals and accessories.

This superb cockpit offered in two colors, black and aluminum, is composed of anodized aluminum profiles very rigid sections 80x40 and 40x40, with assembly elements and high quality fastenings.

Once mounted, the assembly is particularly attractive, its design offers numerous setting options for each driver, the perfect driving position and unparalleled immersion simulators in its class

The space is optimized:
Equipped with the single screen system, it can be estimated with a variable length of 1.50 m (depending on the size of the primary user) and a width of 0.78 m.