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JCL offers you a fabulous experience that matches the sensations and quality of our simulators.
Co-pilot Sébastien LOEB for a few laps of the circuit... Did you ever imagine it?
To drive a Midjet 2L on the Nogaro circuit with our godfather, Jérémy SARHY, as co-pilot and instructor, what do you think?
At JCL, we want to share an unforgettable day with you and give you the opportunity to express your driving skills beyond the simulation.

Our expertise
All of our simulators are manufactured by us, many parts are created and developed in-house.

We use all the skills of our team in terms of research and development for the benefit of our new products, such as our brand new PRO hydraulic crankset!

In perpetual innovation in simulation technology, JCL continues to work on the development of simulator settings and the search for sensations at the limit of reality.

These evolutions concern :

* On the quick height/depth adjustments of the steering wheel

* On the pedal depth to adapt the simulator to the pilot's morphology,

* On the "surge" cylinder system for the feeling of gear shifting and body compression during braking,

* On the "Sway" system for lateral compression.

Jean-Christophe Godard, manager and designer of the JCL simulators, chose to associate his know-how with the D-Box brand, which offers top-of-the-range jacks, and to collaborate in the evolution and adaptation of the products.

Now recognised by the FIA, D-Box offers a technology that gives a similar feeling to the real thing!

Adjusted according to the game software used and set up, our simulators are very efficient and easy to use from the first time they are used.

JCL has chosen to equip its simulators with top-of-the-range brands and products such as: Bose, Simucube, Kraken, Heuzinkveld, SRH, Pro-sim, Samsung, MSI, Asus, Nvidia.

The idea is to strive for a high quality end product and to benefit from all the advantages that come with using the products of these major brands.

A revolution in the world of motorsports!

Listening to the needs and being a forerunner, JCL has designed and built the first two-seater rally simulator.

This simulator offers a multitude of uses with the common objective of working on performance.

It allows to optimize the preparation of a race and proves to be a real working tool essential to meet the requirements of the competition.

In rallying, by developing the notion of teamwork, cohesion and working in pairs with the aim of creating an operational synergy from the first special stage and being in a continuous improvement movement.

On the circuit, by working on the analysis of the circuit, trajectories and to gain in performance from the first laps.

Our company in detail
It was in the garage of Jean-Christophe Godard's home, during 2014, that this innovative idea was born. A continuous thought and work will concretize the vision and the will to bring the simulation closer to the reality.

JCL Simulators offers a wide range of products, for all budgets and for everyone, from the passionate amateur pilot to the professional pilot, as well as for people with reduced mobility.

Starting from YOUR needs and knowing that these can evolve, our choice was to create simulators :

Made to measure, it starts from you
Evolutive, it grows with you & your needs
Adapted, it responds to a balance between needs and budget
Our objective is to guide you towards :

Optimising the preparation of a race by saving time during the first turns of the wheel
Maintaining a race dynamic via the rolling and the kilometres generated
The search for performance via the simulator to develop one's driving, to push back the limits without any stake except that of progress
Sharing your passion via a service offer
Work on team cohesion during a rally
The possibility of learning for two via the Tandem seat
Our simulators are renowned and tested for being :

Easy to use
Sensational, on the edge of reality
Our entire range of simulators is "ready to use".

JCL Simulators is also, in addition to the quality of its products, a company that listens to its customers, ensuring a continuous follow-up based on communication.

A quality, a listening and a worldwide export.

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