The To Be Faster is a French conception of car racing simulation cockpit

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What is the To Be Faster ?

The To Be Faster is a French-designed car racing simulation cockpit available either in grey or black.
Shipped in pieces in a neat package, it can also be routed already assembled and ready to plug in all computer peripherals and accessories.

This outstanding cockpit comes in two colors, black and aluminum. It is composed of anodized very rigid aluminum profiles (sections 80x40 and 40x40), connecting elements and high quality fastenings.
The cockpit also comes with cable outlet and grooves caches that fit into the slots of the profiles.
The setting of the To Be Faster is quick and simple, consisting mainly of 8mm and 6mm screw (6 hollow sections heads). The nuts slip into the grooves of the profile. They are designed with spring-loaded balls which prevent them from sliding under their own weight and can be inserted directly into the groove (after setting).
Some brackets are slotted to allow them guidance and prevent elements failover.
Once fixed up, the set is particularly attractive, its design offers numerous setting options for each driver and a perfect driving position. These features make of the To Be Faster a simulator with an unmatched driving immersion quality.
The space is optimized: with the single screen system it can be estimated with a variable length of 1.50 m (depending on the size of the main user) and a width of 0.78 meter.

The triple-monitor option increases the width of 1.40 meter.
In a small room, it can be installed slantwise, offering an optimum accessibility.
The To Be Faster is designed to provide an optimized immersion resulting in an unmatched feeling while racing.

You are not playing the same games anymore; you get a better estimation of the apexes in the tightest curves; you get the feeling of being closer to the track and only a few inches from the ground.

But the real "PLUS" of To Be Faster is that the design of all its parts is made to fit accessories that are most sold on the market. Its blasted aluminum profiles with slots and oblong holes enable you to fit in the steering wheels, gear boxes and pedals of your choice.

The To Be Faster is adjustable in length and height to the millimeter so one can find its own ideal driving position. The driving position, distance and height of the screen are studied to be set at your eyes position allowing you to experiment a real driving immersion.

It will be shipped in kit with the installation booklet with all instructions and pictures. Approximatively only three hours of installation are necessary.

The base, the cockpit

Available in Black and Grey

- Cockpit with steering wheel support, mouse support, pedal brackets on feet to adjust the pedal angle, large grommet (gray) and hides slot (red) that fit into the profiles.

Les options:

Triple monitor support:
- Support for the triple screens with junction bracket to install on the base. Ideal for customers who wants to simply start with the base and will add the triple system displays in the future.
- Independent triple monitor support on feet.
- Keyboard support with 45 °aluminum angle
- Support for gearboxes: Logitech, Thrustmaster and any gearboxes with two threaded holes (diameter 6).
- Support for FANATEC gearbox and any gearbox with 4 threaded holes (diameter 6).
- Speakers Support 5.1
Specifically machined aluminum parts for the To Be Faster:
- Mouse mat slab.
- Keyboard support
- Bottom plate support with removable oblong holes on the profiles in order to adapt most of the pedals available on the market.
- Wheel stand
- Reinforcement bracket for the pedal support.
- Reinforcement bracket joining the base of the cockpit and the uprights.
- Thick "cross" brackets to stiffen the joint between the horizontal section (carrier screens) and vertical profiles.
- 45 ° square bracket for side shields (grooved to allow guiding and prevent failover)
- Thick square junction for vertical and horizontal profiles of the base of the cockpit (grooved to allow their guiding and prevent failover)
- Cross bar with double oblong holes for wheel support and gearbox support. This bar will provide optimum setting and the high rigidity required by the weight of some wheels and gearboxes.
- 45° square aluminum bracket for 5.1 speaker support.