Hello everyone
Here is my experience with JCL To Be Faster Chassis/Cockpit :)
After some Frustrating months with the Rseat RS1, where every turn of the wheel, every gear shift and even when braking, the whole cockpit wobbled, i finaly decided to look for a new chassis.
After i found out about the To Be Faster chassis, it didnt take me a long time to understand, that this is what i was looking for, it was like those “magic” moments when in the first seconds you laid your eyes on something, it hits you and you realize that you want it, end of story :)
I was amazed by the fact that you can setup every piece of hardware in the right place, where you want it to be and where it feels comfortable for you, not like in my old cockpit, where i needed to compromise ergonomics and accept the limits that a pre-build chassis has to offer.
My only concern was how stable/rock solid the TBF is, but you need to have your hands on the chassis to understand how stable/solid the To Be Faster is! I was truly convinced only after driving in it.
The next step was contacting the JCL company by e-mail to get some more info about the order options. I was surprised again by the quick responses (totaly over 20 e-mail’s). Actually i’m pretty sure that the owners themselves were those who replied back, and i think its very nice that they take direct contact with the customers, that gave me even more confidence knowing that i made a purchase from a company that their politics is careing about customers enjoying their product.
It was sunday afernoon when i finaly placed the order on the JCL website, the morning next day i got the confirmation mail back, they also said that the package will be departing later that day and by the end of the week i should recive it. I was allready like a 5 year old child waiting for his new toy :) so imagine the surprise i had, hearing the door bell and as i opened, i saw the delivery guy standing there with my brand new cockpit package, after only two and a half days.
Now lets move to the fun part, the assembly stage. Remember when you ware a kid and played with Lego? well, the To Be Faster assembly is very much like Lego, but for grown up’s. The whole chassis with the triple monitor stand and the options is very easy to assemble. Everything in the package is allready sorted for you so you cant go wrong.  It may take some time, still you need to mount all of your hardware on it and adjusting the screens also, so after 9 hours i saw my new toy come alive and ready to go out on the virtual track.
Now, i have over a mounth with my To Be Faster chassis and i am loving it more with each day go’s by. Finaly i have all my gear rock solid and where i want them to be. With the TBF, simracing expireance is much more fun and i am bit closer to the finish line :)