Chassis V4 aluminum gray


You want to feel real sensations when you shifting change or when you brake without getting close to your steering wheel and pedals ?!

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Pack Cylinders SCN6 40Kg 100mm

V4 Pack Cylinders SCN6 40 Kg 100mm + settedV4 Pack Cylinders SCN6 40 Kg 100mm + setted
+ 2 908,33 €

Actuators - mounted and setup

4 actuators D-Box - mount and setup4 actuators D-Box - mount and setup
+ 12 416,67 €

1 810,60 €


2 057,50 €

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Compositionsaluminium thermolaqué

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The pre-assembled V4 rig is equipped with 4 580mm rails, 8 ball bearing pads and 4 large machined / powder coated brackets that allow forward / backward movement.

You have 3 packs available for your V4 chassis:

Choice 1:
You can equip it with the full D-Box version, 1 surge actuator (1250i 3 inches) for braking and shifting and 4 actuators 4250i generation 2.

Choice 2:
You can equip it with a Logykal box, Lince2 software and 2 SCN6 40kg cylinders. You will feel the passage of gears and during braking your chassis will advance on the rails what will stretch the harness to feel the shoulders a sense of braking close to reality.

Choice 3:
You can equip it with a Logykal box, Lince2 software and 2 SCN6 40kg cylinders and 4 D-Box Génération1 actuators.

Before this new innovation of the brand JCL, the only feeling of braking was the pressure exerted on your brake pedal, now you will feel the braking also with your body as in real life!

The V4 frame is adaptable to all JCL chassis but also to all frames in aluminum profiles. For this we just need to know the width of your chassis to design custom.

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