V3 Dynamic Fury Pack


The new V3 is now equipped with a height adjustable pedal support.

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Damien's review, Simrace-blog

New V3:

  1. Logykal cylinders control box with its support + software Lince2
  2. 2 cylinders SCN6 20kg with mounting kit
  3. 2 silentblocs at the rear of the chassis where the harnesses are fixed to improve the feeling of braking.
  4. 6 point harness
  5. Sparco 3mm to fix bucket seat

This chassis is fully modular. You will be able to adjust it according to your own corpulence to closily adjust driver postion , which is very important to be properly settle which will provide you a better regularity.

Support steering wheel adaptable to all pedals and steering wheels of the market! (supplied screws)

You can choose the color of the brackets in the top right of this ad.

Included in the New V3 chassis:

  • New V2
  • Rear frame V3 support cylinders
  • Mouse support
  • New universal pedal bracket!
  • New tilting and universal flying support!
  • 9 feet of settings
  • Screws
  • Gray cable ducts 500 mm
  • 8 meters  slot cover
  • Installation instructions

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