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To achieve maximal realism is fundamental in racing simulators. Realism comes from the captivating sensation of the track and everything around it: the electrified atmosphere of the starting line, the adrenaline rush of overtaking, the sharpened senses you have at the very limit of traction.

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Simucube 2 is the world reference class Direct Drive force feedback wheel base.​

Simucube 2 has been built around a precision robotics grade industrial motor, electronics and software fused together to form a flawless monolithic design. Everything is optimized to perform at the highest level, and with sub-millisecond latency.

​Rigid mechanical coupling of the wheel is the fundamental requirement for direct drive. Simucube 2 is made to meet this requirement, even though it meant redesigning everything. Simucube Quick Release™, SQR, has zero backslash adding zero torque artifacts. When locked-in, it equals a solid metal shaft, just like it should.​

Simucube 2 works with simulator games and reconstructs the authentic environment. Thanks to Simucube 2's dedicated processor for motor control, and another processor for interfacing the PC simulator, the ultra low latency is stable and consistent. With Simucube's award winning force reconstruction processing, ultra low latency mode and adjustable dynamic filters, the Driver can reach realism.​

Once you experience it, there's no turning back.

SIMUCUBE 2 Ultimate
Abundant 32 Nm of torque and maxed-out torque response rate is at your disposal at anytime. Ultimate is based on Austrian made maximally dynamic industrial motor optimized for simulation. It's equipped with a 24 bit resolution Hiperface angle sensor to be fully utilized by the most advanced signal processing unit seen in simulators.

Ultimate exclusively comes with advanced fine tunable signal processing to make the experience as personalized as humanly possible. This model was designed with "only the best is good enough" mindset.​

Simucube Ultimate is our tribute to the Ultimate drivers.

  • 32 Nm | 9.5 Nm / ms
  • 24-bit encoder
  • Keba Custom Servo Motor
  • Integrated Bluetooth receiver
  • Emergency stop Included
  • Quick Release Simucube Included
  • 50/70 mm adapter for steering wheels
  • Ultimate factory calibration
  • Advanced settings filters
  • CAN bus compatible
  • European Certificate of Conformity

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