Direct Drive


The entire JCL team is pleased to present its high-end Direct Drive, hand-assembled by us and equipped with a motor Mige 130 ST-M10010 20Nm encoder Sin / Cos 2097152 CPR.

Victim of its own success, our Direct Drive currently suffers 4 weeks of manufacturing delay.

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The new versions are now equipped with Sin / Cos 2097152 CPR encoder for better feedback of felt movements. The new 600W (12A) power supply with temperature-controlled ventilation will fully exploit the power of the Mige engine.


  • Black anodized aluminum box(230x280x130)
  • Machined facade with JCL logo
  • Rear-side machining which provides very good ventilation inside the case to avoid overheating of the electronic boards
  • Power supply Meanwell 600W
  • Thermoregulated Fan
  • Emergency stop box
  • High quality connectors to screw the cables on our case
  • Motor Mige 130 ST-M10010 20Nm, 524288 PPR, motor mounting bracket and cable 4 shielded connectors to avoid interference with other peripherals
  • Simucube card
  • Power card Ioni Pro

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