Virtual Reality JCL seat pack Oculus Rift


New JCL package with camera support and Oculus Rift remote control support

JCL Seat is the entry level product from JCL SimRacing, a sober and elegant design, anodized aluminum black or gray, light and fully adjustable. This product Made In France will serve you for years!

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Pedals options

Heusinkveld Engineering fixingHeusinkveld Engineering fixing
+ 74,17 €

JCL Seat support Consoles

Seat - Console support, gray colorSeat - Console support, gray color
+ 40,83 €

Option pour fixations inférieure baquet

JCL Seat - lower fixing bucket Seat, Gray Color JCL Seat - lower fixing bucket Seat, Gray Color
+ 57,50 €

686,67 €

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Rig colorGray

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Package Content:

  •      JCL Seat (The bucket seat rails and brackets are not included in this kit)
  •      Universal steering wheel and pedal support (screws supplied for Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster brands)
  •      Fully adjustable for any pilot template (even for a 130cm child)
  •      Small footprint 1195x580x630 (JCL Seat goes under a desk)
  •      19/32 " single screen support
  •      Oculus Rift Camera Support
  •      Oculus Rift remote control support
  •      Mouse support
  •      4 meters of cache slots.

The JCL Seat consists of 405 different parts!

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