JCL Hydraulic Pedal


The new Hydraulic Pedals made by JCL!

Pre-order with an offer until October 11, 2020!

Shipping in early November 2020!

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The new Hydraulic Pedals made by JCL, anodized finish, stainless steel folded structure.
Brake provided with 2 transmitters and a Wilwood hydraulic receiver.
Digital pressure sensor 110bars.
Aviation hoses, brake fluid Dot 5.1. Delivered with a kit of compression elastomers to adjust the crushing hardness during braking.
Gas pedal and mechanical clutch with adjustable stroke/angle of attack and compression through 3 knurls.
Hall effect angular position acquisitions. Leo Bodnar USB interface card.
Lockable miniature industrial connectors.
Calibration via Windows peripheral interface.
Mechanisms in aircraft aluminum, anodized finish, folded stainless steel pedal support, stainless steel screws.

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