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2 Actuators D-Box - mount and set up


2 D-box cylinders supplied with brackets

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Let the games begin ! For real !

Add the motion experience you’ve been missing. Make your gaming experience complete.

No matter how great your sound system is or how big you screen can be you always felt that something was missing. Either it is to augment your performance, to enhance your sensory experience or simply to supress you dizziness while playing, motion is the part of the experience you’ve been missing.

Gaming PC, audio system and projection or high end monitors, the real afficionados know it, gaming come to a price. And this investment may fall short if the motion is not part of it.

Imagine and try a state-of-the-art motion system seamlessly integrated with a large number of existing titles, making it plug and play, allowing players to start as soon as they connect to their PC.

D-BOX Motion Systems bring back all motion and vibrations from the virtual world to real life. Allowing you to create a fully immersive gaming experience.

Finding the sweet spot between cheap vibration gimmicks and expensive traditional motion hexapods is the challenge D-BOX solved for you. Affordable and easy to integrate, D-BOX Motion Systems creates true-to-life, immersive motion effects when paired with your favorite title.