Frame V4+ new V2+ 4 actuators 1,5" 4250i and 1 actuator 3" 1250i (surge)


You want to feel real sensations when you shifting change or when you brake without gettin g close to your steering wheel and pedals ?!

Pack contents:

  •     V4+ frame + New rig V2+
  •     5 D-Box Generation 2 actuators 

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height1000 mm
width780 mm
depth1500 mm
Compositionsaluminium anodisé

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Pack contents: 

  •     V4+ frame + New rig V2+
  •     5 D-Box Generation 2 actuators 

V4+ frame is equipped with 4 580mm rails, 8 ball bearing pads and 4 large machined / powder coated brackets that allow forward / backward movement.

Before this new innovation of the brand JCL, the only feeling of braking was the pressure exerted on your brake pedal, now you will feel the braking also with your body as in real life!

The V4+ frame is adaptable to all JCL chassis but also to all frames in aluminum profiles. For this we just need to know the width of your chassis to design custom.

D-Box Full motion:

Get into pole position with precise, high-performance motion-cueing systems.
Feeling is Believing

Racing simulation systems are constantly being enhanced with more precise technologies like better visual, more pixels and larger screens, clearer sound with added channels and a larger frequency response scope, and force feedback steering systems. Precise motion and vibration are the next levels of experience that are necessary to maintain a competitive edge. D-BOX Technology is now even better at creating believable simulation experiences, stimulating your kinesthetic sense to mimic a real driving experience. These hightech actuators will generate physical cues that are critical in car driving simulation.

For over 10 years D-BOX has been working with the entertainment and simulation industries providing motion solutions creating a realistic experience for audiences and bringing them in on the action. Track personality and conditions as well as race car handling are essential in improving a driver’s preparedness. Getting ready for a championship and having the opportunity to virtually rehearse a track in any weather condition is a new key competitive advantage. The total immersive experience in training translates into fractions of second enhancements and improvements that will help drivers to get closer to the pole position.

D-BOX Motion-Cueing Systems core benefits


Optimal simulation training is engaging enough to remove psychological barriers to learning, creating psychomotor reflexes that respond to real-life situations. D-BOX immerses drivers by replicating the platform’s movement while using rich motion cueing to replicate vibrations, as well as any discrete event in the surrounding environment.


Traditional training simulators are not necessarily optimal from a cost benefit perspective. D-BOX motion-cueing systems deliver state-of-the-art simulation at a fraction of the price. What’s more, our interoperability and ease of deployment further reduce the overall cost of deploying and managing a simulation training program.

Easy to Deploy

Operational requirements and situations can quickly develop and change, requiring simulation systems that can be rapidly deployed anywhere, anytime. An interoperable COTS solution, D-BOX technology is a game changer, thanks to its ease of installation, low electrical power requirements, low shipment weight and reduced deployment time.


Optimal simulation training removes the psychological barriers to learning, developing psychomotor reflexes that respond to real-life situations. D-BOX immerses pilots, trainees and testers in the simulation by replicating the platform’s movement, while using rich motion cueing to
replicate vibrations and all vehicle movements.

Commercial Off-the-Shelf

As a COTS system, D-BOX offers a remarkably affordable and reliable solution. Our technology is supported and documented, and is therefore easy to integrate and manage. Users can access all our expertise, including motion code, behavioral subtlety and vibrations.

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