Hello everyone,

I want to say up front that I have no financial interest with JCL.
that being said I just bought one for one week to be sold faster single screen with tub which already simplified the achat.Bien me as totally ignorant about the intricacies of the art of the profile, and frankly handyman by following step by step assembly instructions and taking time, assembly is performed passé.j'ai well frankly the only fitting, however, at the seat of mounting a little help would have been welcome even when terminal settings.
Moreover JC Godard inquired regularly on the progress of installation.
I have no point of comparison but the material is of unquestionable quality and objective.Tous settings are possible and I was also a little worried because I measure 1 m 90.On gradually manages to find its position playing on all parameters .I could install the CSW, the CSP and the shifter and arrange them exactly as I wanted.
Jc Godard told that the videos are in progress which will likely further improve assembly.