Launch To Be Faster home Jcl Simracing

As I have said on another post, I replaced my Obutto by Revolution To Be Faster. Let me be clear, I know JC, that being the words that follow are intended to be the most honest possible.

I was not into the idea of ​​replacing my Obutto, it gave me satisfaction, and use my office 80% 20% game forced me to find something very comfortable desktop use, even sacrificing game party.

JC came to me to make the first set of photos, those of the "prototype". On this occasion he insisted I To Be Faster testing. Frankly I was not super hot, really not seeing what I could have more.

I work on screens dedicated photos, quite heavy and expensive, the position must be adjusted finely enough to avoid transitions. I had huge problems with the triple screen support Obutto as it moved a lot (the angle setting is not maintained over time) and especially I was forced to screw it to the frame (not provided for obutto) because it really lacked stability given the weight of my screens.

So I tested the To Be Faster ...

As long as the game, the driving position has nothing to do with Obutto. Little is absolutely fix everything. For example, height, depth and tilt of the steering wheel can be adjusted independently. On Obutto height plays depth ... Not really top.
Immersion is incomparable. This is for me the driving position really top, but especially to the position and angle of the really perfectly tuned screens.

The gearbox carrier vibrates / absolutely not move when I change a report. That of Obutton is not made to withstand such a heavy box or Fanatec Frex, it vibrates in all directions and joyfully its vibrations transmitted to my triple monitor support. In short it was terrible.

The pedal bracket is top (I play with DSD) because it really can precisely choose the depth you want and especially the angle of inclination. In the case of very high pedal like mine, each degree of its importance. I really like.

The most important aspect for me is the office I found a real gain comfort on the one hand by changing the seat (I have a very comfortable bucket OMP). I just adjusted so that the seat is fully forward to the game, and the maximum to remote office. My color palette based on a key support base comes under my right hand. I have the same thing as the two small tablets of the optional obutto.

The keyboard and mouse keyboard support is based on the Obutto I kept and I could screw without problems on a profile of To Be Faster.

My home made box button serves me for the game of course, but also to launch some macros in my work software. It is positioned on its support in the right screen. I also did a headset support and a tablet on which I put various tips (remote control and co).

I also support the back of my main screen on which I fixed a storage box in Ikea plastic. She does not see and allows me to store a bunch of crap I usually let hang around my Obutto.

Anyway now after five months of use, I could see the cockpit improved over versions with the new design and new specific aluminum parts. Special Mention at the wheel carrier and brackets.

If I had to do a recap:

+ Huge versatility
+ Excellent comfort in office
+ Unparalleled immersion in game mode
+ Scalability
+ Easy to clean (not to vacuum around the bottom bracket with obutto)
+ Extreme rigidity & strength

- Keyboard support I find it less practical for intensive office use as obutto