First impression upon arrival of the carton: it is massive! Never having had cockpit and playing on a computer desk with a wheel chair, I discover something completely new.

Passed the stage of unpacking and setting up the first thing that strikes is the flexible side of the cockpit. We can all move forward, backward. At first we think that it will take hours to fix everything, but ultimately, it helps to have the perfect driving position to be and to have the most complete comfort and immersion fullest.

Once everything is installed and adjusted, early rounds of virtual wheels: the slap, what a change! It is on that we must also take into account the fact that I went from a single screen with a triple, but the fact of having been able to position itself as wanted is really appreciable. It is comfortable, the screens do not move despite the flying shots. The set is really very stable contrary to what we had seen on the very first video jc. It does not whines, and once everything is secured nothing moves. So we quickly connects the towers and you get used very quickly to three displays because the position is natural. Short of the best, I really do not regret my investment of time on the championship organized by Jc for the price, it is the upgrade I was waiting for some time in my config!
In summary, Pros & Cons:
- Modularity: THE highlight of the cockpit: ALL be changed: the position of the seat, pedals, screens, the steering wheel, gearbox, depth, height. The possibilities are endless and the advantage is that everyone can find his account: far screens near the screens, sitting down rather high, away from the steering wheel, pedals high, low, sloping. In short, EVERYTHING is possible.
- The strength: it's robust, it's not moving, it is securely attached. No fear of breaking anything, we can go there.
- The service: It sounds obvious and simple but JC was super available throughout the installation process, which not only made things more enjoyable but also more simple.

That "3" aspects but it is for me the key to a cockpit. From the moment he is modifiable at will and solid, it fills all the criteria.

- The difficulty of installation: Both say right away, all alone, it's galley. A two per cons is easier, especially at the settings screen and the height of the steering wheel. This is clearly not the kind of cockpit which can be used turnkey, so for those in a hurry and do not attach much importance to the perfect position, this may not be the right product.
- Place: This is stupid but when you live in an apartment like me, you sometimes have some space constraints. So it was a little hard to get him into the room where it is now. Again, if you are two, you'll save time!

Obviously, the benefits far exceeded the disadvantages that are more logistics related to the receipt and installation of the cockpit. Once these past events is that of happiness.

And to show you how much it is, I plan to broadcast live my races next season in F1 world championship on iRacing. I hope it will give the urge to buy another product and adopt it as was my case!