My review of the to be faster:

In recent months, I have the privilege to ride on the To Be Faster and it changed everything.
First, the assembly trust. Profiles, brackets and screws on gives you the feeling of having a high quality product. The big highlight is on machined aluminum pieces that are grafted to the core structure to install all devices (steering wheel, keyboard, etc ...).
The second important point is the modularity of the product, everything is adjustable: height, back angle enough to find its own driving position so that the immersion is total and it is.
I rediscovered iRacing and the virtual world of racing cars with this cockpit, rigid and immersive wishes.

Most of the product
- Quality of parts and ease of assembly
- Modularity
- Stiffness, nothing moves
- Immersion

The To Be Faster is an extremely well thought out product that provides excellent virtual driving sensations.