The beautiful video of Eric:

Hello everyone,

I just put my two cents in this thread to tell you how much I am satisfied with my ToBeFaster

I am the happy owner of No. 001 Black Edition and so I suffered regular updates JCL that has been privileged for free since they came to my home to install the Gers.

So what, apart from that it corresponds to my expectations, those of a guy who regularly goes on tour with my club for trackdays among friends and wanted a home close to reality simulation to let off steam without me to do too much Kms!

Jcl me to the aluminum profile and its many applications and it is on their valuable advice that I decided for a full black options and I do not regret my purchase trust me.
The aluminum is a lightness and strength killing that does not move a hair once fully assembled with impeccable hardware has basic allen key 6 or 8mms;
You can shake like a freak without seeing your key turn in the screw unlike the RSEAT hardware I owned before.
I could put all my gear on the simulation and everything is functional and reach.
The profile is an endless story and I could realize seulTongue a GoPro support and ruffles and a lamp bracket has LED to illuminate Boxs (very dark room) with lengths that sells JCL has recently cut and believe me I have some projects in mind to improve the cockpit for my simroom dedicated to this passion of PC simulation.
The position is also super good even in the period to work on Windows.

Finally, this simulation is only positive by design, JCL is a tuned for all applications that I have made, so I have no complaints, so the French no problem telephone exchanges and others.

In short what are you waiting brothel

I will post photos and videos in the evening, thank you for reading and see you on track !!