Hello everyone

I just finally installing my new position "working" and delivers an assessment of the operation.

The To Be Faster cockpit JCL SimRacing

Received in a neat package, it is composed of very rigid aluminum profiles, 80x40 section to the main parties and 40x40 for secondary parties. The hardware is excellent quality, mainly composed of 8mm diameter screw heads 6 hollow sides. The "nuts" slip into the grooves of the profiles and are equipped with spring-loaded balls prevent them from sliding under their own weight. Note that they can be inserted directly in the groove (post editing). The cockpit comes with cable glands that fit into the grooves of the profiles.

Once mounted, the assembly is particularly attractive (black anodized model) and maintains stiffness, contrary to what we could see on one of the first videos on the forums.

The space is optimized: it can be estimated to a length corresponding to the size of the primary user (once set) and a width of 1.50 m, which corresponds to a surface area of ​​3 square meters . In a cramped room, it can be placed at an angle, while offering optimum accessibility.

The ToBeFaster is a product whose quality "high end" justifies the price.

The cockpit assembly
Assembly is done using (almost only) of a key 6 sides: good quality, because the expected stability requires a very strong tightening and these are not the heads of the screws let go first!
The assembly instructions are clear enough, but the lack of a global view and photography requires good thoughts. It is also hoped that the various modules (base, chair, wheel support, keyboard support, etc) should in future be packaged in special cartons.
Otherwise, no particular difficulties, and I am also good handyman pilot: is tell you! Provide a good day, not including the software configuration of the cockpit.

The cockpit setting
It can only be finalized once the screens in place and operational. The related adjustments (seat / steering wheel / pedal / screens) can be made in all sizes and each will find its position, whatever its size. If you exceed 2 meters, find out before all the same: I can not confirm!

The configuration of the triple screen
This operation is a breeze and does not require any special knowledge (tested on NVIDIA for me).

The feeling in games
It's clear you do not play the same games over. Under a single screen (and yet I was using a 29-inch / 2560x1080), you are forced to "back your virtual office" to estimate the apexes in the tightest curves. Without knowing it, you are in a position that is not natural. What enpremier strikes in a triple screen configuration, is to see how you've approached the runway. You seem to be only a few centimeters of soil and proportions are adjusted accordingly. Under Assetto Corsa, down the slopes of the Nordschleife, you have the impression of being in a bowl and having a mountain to climb!
More generally, this position also has the advantage of opening the angle of view, to better see "get" the bends and be much earlier reagent. On an unknown circuit (I tested), it reads more easily bends that one does not know.
For cons, the disadvantage of the advantage is that you must change your habits and your bearings. So do not expect to spray your best period before a few hours of adaptation: these are new games, I tell you!

Thank you for your attention