Chassis V4 aluminum gray


You want to feel real sensations when you shifting change or when you brake without getting close to your steering wheel and pedals ?!

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Compositionsaluminium thermolaqué

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Contents of this pack:

  • V4 Frame in black
  • 1 Logykal box in red or balck color (exclusive JCL color)
  • 1 software Lince2
  • 2 actuators SCN6 - 40 kg
  • 6-points harness ( option + 109€)

The V4 frame is equipped with 2 1600mm rails, 8 ball bearing pads and 4 large machined / powder coated brackets for forward / reverse movement.

It is equipped with a Logykal box red ou blue (Exclusive JCL color), Lince2 software and 40kg SCN6 cylinder.
You will feel the shifting change and when braking your chassis will more forward on the rails what will tend the harnesses by your shoulders making you feel a breaking close to reality.

Before this new innovation of the JCL’s innovation, the only braking feeling was the pressure exerted on your brake pedal, now you will feel the braking also with your body like in real!

The V4 frame is adaptable to all JCL brand chassis but also to all chassis made of aluminum profiles. For this we just need to know the width of your chassis to design it to measure.

You can also attach 2 to 4 Hyperaxis actuators 100 kg or 2 to 4 D-box actuators to make your chassis so dynamic!

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